Insist on EBT

EBT is not the only method of scanning the heart to screen for cardiovascular disease – but it is the safest and most accurate.

Here are the reasons you should insist on EBT over any other type of heart scan:

  • EBT is the only technology approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the early detection of heart disease.
  • EBT has the scientific validation of hundreds of research studies at major institutions across the nation.
  • EBT has proven to be more accurate than other methods, according to numerous clinical studies.
  • EBT uses a fraction of the amount of radiation that other methods require.
  • EBT is highly targeted to heart tissue; other methods expose more of the body to radiation.
  • EBT is fast, capturing images at 1/20th of a second; other methods require an injection of beta blockers to slow the heart in order to get a clear picture.
  • EBT is repeatable, allowing doctors to monitor your condition over time; other methods are not.

A comparison of screening technologies:

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